This website provides you with background and resources to understand why responsible investing is fundamental to the long term success of companies and investments, and to keeping people’s retirement savings safe. As there are lawmakers who are disincentivizing businesses to act more responsibly, it’s important for you to reach out to your member of Congress and let them know you care about responsible investing.

Dear Rep. [NAME],

I’m writing as your constituent today to express my concerns about the extreme, fossil fuel-funded anti-ESG agenda.

It’s just common sense that environmental, social, and governance factors can present significant financial risks and opportunities to companies and investment funds.

If a company is destroying the environment, busting unions, engaging in racist management practices, or appointing cronies to their board, that all poses significant financial risk to the company and to my retirement security. Having access to that information, and then using it to inform investment decisions, is part of investing responsibly.

Whether or not far-right politicians think these issues should matter when investing, these issues do matter to me and to my long-term investment outcomes.

Please consider carefully my needs for more transparency and investor agency when you review any legislation governing the information investors have access to and restricting or enabling investors’ ability to use that information.

Thank you,

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